Company Information

Siyaram Petrotech Private Limited is providing lubricant technology for industrial & automotive applications, automotive applications, marine application and military (defence) application. Founded in 2009, Siyaram Petrotech has always believed in a two-fold approach to serving the industries in the India and around the world: build the highest quality products and back them with uncompromising customer service.

Along with finding solutions to unique lubrication problems, our research team is constantly upgrading technology to provide our customers with the best lubricants on the market. We have the flexibility to choose from the entire range of high-quality base stocks available to formulate the best lubricant for each application. Siyaram Petrotech commitment to an ongoing research and development program keeps its products on the leading edge of lubrication technology. Our plant in India is NS-EN ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 9001:2008.

Our commitment to quality has resulted in a growing list of satisfied customers throughout the India and across the world, who are helped every day by our extensive network of independent distributors.

A brief history of Siyaram Petrotech

  • Siyaram Petrotech Private Limited started as Interstate Supply Company, a small trading company in 1989 in Kolkata, India selling lubricants to the air compression market
  • In 1992 started its own manufacturing unit for “High performance compressor oil” and started marketing it in the name & style of “ANAND OIL COMPANY” through our all India registered brand “ANAND”
  • In 1998 Anand Oil Company initiated their development and manufacturing of products outside of the area of compressor lubricants, expanding its customer base by offering High performance lubricants for a wide variety of industrial applications
  • In 2003 Anand Oil is registered as an approved Govt. Supplier. Started supplying lubricants in Space Research Institute, Education Institute, Transport Departments.
  • In 2004 Interstate Supply Company is appointed as a distributor for India’s public sector giant M/s. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (MAK Brand), A Govt. of India Enterprise
  • In 2006 Anand Oil Company receive its first order from Department of Defence.
  • In 2009 MAK RECOGNITION AWARD for excellence in performance.
  • In 2010 for our outstanding performance, tireless efforts and dedication awarded all India no. 2 ILD of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited.
  • In 2011 started manufacturing Customized Lubricants based on customer and started meeting their unique lubricants problem.


Siyaram Petrotech now offer more than 200 products that can service the majority of industrial & automotive applications.