About Us

Every industrial sector requires lubricants to meet their particular requirements and those of each individual manufacturer or operator, whether machine building, automotive, textile, food-processing or wind power. To meet this demand, manufacturers rely heavily on machinery. High-performance lubricants and best-in-class lubrication practices are essential to ensure that machinery continues to operate reliably and at peak performance.

Siyaram Petrotech excel at both — developing and bringing you high-performance lubricants, and supporting you in implementing sound lubrication practices to help extract peak performance from your machinery.

Siyaram Petrotech offers lubrication solutions for every industry and every application. Our advanced research and development activities are aimed at meeting all your requirements.

More specifically, they strive to help customers enhance their competitiveness and
meet their business goals by helping

  • Extending equipment life
  • Reduce downtime, especially unplanned ones
  • Extending oil drain intervals
  • Minimize lubricant, energy and equipment waste